300 lb Kick Scooter – Xootr MG X4 Review

Finding a good kick scooter is a very good idea if you want to stay in shape and also tone your muscles. A kick scooter is great for everyone because it enables you to go from one place to the other using your own power.

You don’t have to rely on batteries or anything else, and that makes the entire process a lot more convenient than ever before.

The reason why you need the Xootr MG X4 scooter is that this is a versatile, unique model designed to work very well even in the most challenging conditions. It’s adaptable, reliable and extremely easy to use, all features you want to have in such a situation.

Main Features for Xootr MG X4

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It can hold up to 300 lb

One of the toughest challenges when it comes to finding a good kick scooter is figuring out if that unit can actually hold you or not. Most scooters have weight limitations, and if you are a bit overweight you might not be able to use it.

The Xootr MG X4 does a very good job of offering you all the value and quality you want in a single package. It’s not going to have a problem working adequately as long as you have up to 300 lb.

Assembled by hand

The most important thing about the MG X4 is that it’s assembled by hand. The company does a very good job of avoiding a potentially lousy job made by machines. The MG X4 ditches automatic manufacturing, and it works extremely well as it provides you with extraordinary features and results in no time. This enhances stability for the unit, and it also makes it more trustworthy for us, the day to day customers.

Features and Specs

I found the Xootr MG X4 to be quite fancy. The white coloring on it works super nicely, and it does compliment the unit very well. They did a very good job of offering you complete control over how you use the unit too.

Yes, it can be folded or unfolded fast. That means it’s super portable and storing it will not be any trouble. That being said, you do have an adjustable handlebar too. That does stay in place even at the highest speeds.

Usually adjustable handlebars can be a bit tricky as we both know, but in this case, I believe that the scooter is functional and it works great at any speed.

When it comes to the overall size, the MG X4 is medium-sized. It’s not extremely large, nor is it too small. It offers a great combination of the two, and it brings in front rewarding benefits without that much of a hassle.

The platform is wide, and it does offer enough room for 2 adult feet. You are unable to use it with a friend though, so that can be a bit of a hassle. But then again, if you stick to the weight limit, you will be more than ok.

The wheels are made out of polyurethane, and they offer a very good gliding system. They just added a standard front brake, however, I saw they do have an optional rear brake kit.

You are free to purchase that separately, but for the most part, the front brake will do nicely. Yet if you want more safety, I do encourage you to get the complete kit, just to be safe.

It weight is only 10 lbs or so, which makes it very easy to carry around. And even the fact that it’s 35.4 inches in length doesn’t detract from the portability of it all.

The latch folding mechanism works perfectly, and you will find it pretty nice and easy to use. The black conformal foam used for grips is super comfortable, and honestly, there’s no issue with it at all. It plays really well, and it’s certainly something adjustable and adaptable to your own needs as you go along.

The great attention to detail offered to the frame, and everything as a whole is super impressive. Since the unit is made out of casting aluminum, there are no real issues with durability and quality.

Everything offered by the Xootr MG X4 is pretty impressive, from the great color to the simple design, outstanding grip, and fast stopping speeds. All of that brings you safety and benefits that you do not want to miss as a whole.


The Xootr MG X4 has a dual brake system that’s very good for down-slope control. It’s very light and compact so it can be used for commuting if you want. The reliable design makes the unit durable, so you can keep it running for a very long time without any issues. If you develop good kick skills, you can get to 8 miles per hour.

The downsides are that the bracket holding the bars does have a few issues. It has a nut that breaks pretty often especially if the unit is used often. Since it’s too low to the ground, people that are a bit overweight will find it hard to maneuver.

Braking can be a problem due to the wheels, especially if you put a lot of pressure on them. You also need to stay away from cracks or pebbles, as those can immediately lead to damage, and that’s something you want to stay away from.


Despite a few minor mishaps, the MG X4 is a very good scooter. It works well, it offers you a variety of amazing features and it’s fully adaptable to your own needs.

If you are a fan of moving around with a scooter, then the Xootr MG X4 is right up your alley. It does require a bit of care and maintenance, but it’s a wonderful unit to have if you love exploring the city on foot.

It can also go up to 8 mph, which is a very high speed considering the size of this unit. Overall, it’s well worth a purchase and I would certainly recommend it to you if you want a good kick scooter!

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