Are Electric Scooters Allowed On Planes

The increase of popularity in the scootering world has led more people wanting to include them in their travel plans. These unique modes of transportation make every day moving easier and faster and people now want to include them when they go to visit other destinations.

They make it easier to commute to the office and school, and also make it easier to sightsee in different cities instead of relying on public transportation when vacationing.

So, a big question for those who love electric scooters is, are they allowed on planes?

When Traveling Can You Take An Electric Scooter On the Plane?

You are allowed to take your electric scooter on a plane if it has a battery size of 160Wh or less.

It would be to your advantage though to check with your specific airline when making a reservation to ensure they will allow it on board. Make sure you know your battery size when checking.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has guidelines on the type of batteries, as well as the size of batteries they will allow onboard their airplanes.

The European Common Aviation Area (EU) and other areas around the world have similar laws. Asia has much stricter rules and more so when flying in China.

FAA rules state you are only allowed to bring onboard batteries of 100Wh in your carry on luggage. You are entitled to check in two spare batteries.

You need airline approval to check-in a device with a 101 to 160Wh battery, and most airlines require you to check in advance to travel for their approval.

Battery Size Rule on Electric Scooters and Plane Travel

Battery sizes are used mostly in laptops, and the 160Wh is the maximum size for these devices. The rule on batteries from the airlines was designed for laptops rather than the electric scooter.

It is very common for travelers to bring their laptops with them while traveling.

Perhaps as the popularity of electric scooters increases, it will demand the airlines establish a separate rule for their requirements. For now, however, we have to work with the guidelines in place.

Most of your electric scooter manufacturers only list the ampere-hour.

To determine what your scooter’s watt-hour is, you will have to multiply the ampere-hour by the battery’s voltage. It is rare to find a scooter where the manufacture has listed both on the specifications of the machine.

How to Travel With An Electric Scooter On A Plane

The first step when you are considering taking your electric scooter with you on travels is to verify with the airlines you are using that they will allow it to be on board.

Check with them if it should be a checked item, and how they would like you to pack it. It will make your travels much easier if you know this information before you arrive at the airport.

If you are allowed to bring your electric scooter on board the plane as a carry-on, you will need to know if it should be a bag, or if it has to fold to specific dimensions.

You do not want to find yourself ready to board the plane and then have to make new arrangements for your electric scooter. Airports can become stressful, and knowing what the rules are ahead of time will save you a lot of anxiety.

Even if you’ve gotten pre-approval to bring the electric scooter as it’s battery size is within regulations, there may still be bag size requirements to consider.

There are a lot of ways for you to carry the electric scooter with you on to the plane, including by a strap, a handle, or in a bag or case. You will need to know your airline’s rules on how they will allow you to bring the scooter on board.

Are There Extra Charges To Bring An Electric Scooter On A Plane?

Another factor to look into before arriving at the airport with your electric scooter is to find out if there are sports equipment charges added by your airline.

It may not go well with the ticket agent when you try to argue your scooter is a transport item and not sports equipment. You want to be prepared for extra fees and not become surprised that close to boarding the plane.

Before you leave for the airport, you should fold your electric scooter and have it securely in its bag if that is how you’ve chosen to travel with it.

Measure the bag, so you are ready to give measurements should any airline representative ask for the information. You should know before you leave if these measurements are according to your airline’s rules.

Ways To Carry And Travel With Your Electric Scooter

There are bags you can purchase that enclose your electric scooter and keep it safe when traveling or carrying it from place to place.

The bags protect your electric scooter from dirt, and if the weather is bad, it is protected from rain or any other harmful substances that could damage it.

Transport bags are a great solution to preventing you from getting your clothes dirty also as you carry the scooter with you. Scooters are designed as foldable units and should fit easily into a transport bag allowing you to take and store it safely.

The bag will cover the entire scooter so that you can move easily through a crowded airport or any other busy location.

Straps provide another alternative for carrying your electric scooter. There are simple straps you can purchase that will allow you to place them over your shoulders with the scooter attached on both ends of the belt.

While the straps do not cover the scooter, they do allow you to transport your scooter without having to fold it up. Most straps sold for electric scooters are made from a sturdy, tough nylon material that will give you both flexibility and strength.

Caution should be used when carrying your electric scooter with straps as you could easily get your clothes dirty by the tires or the deck, or you could stain other’s clothes that come into contact with them.

A good practice is always to keep your scooter cleaned when planning to transport it for travel.