Best Electric Scooter For Hills. The Glion Dolly Review

I would like to start the article by stating that, in my opinion, bikes are a better choice for hills than electric scooters, but this particular one might just be the best scooter to tackle those pesky hills on your daily commute.

This is not a looker, it’s a practical scooter for practical people who don’t need added complication to their lives.

It just does the job it’s supposed to – no flat tires, easy to carry inside in upright position, comes packed with everything you need and at the same time, it’s quite able to climb moderate hills – this is my pick for the best electric scooter for hills.

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Glion Dolly Features


It comes with a 36V, 6.6ah Lithium-Ion Battery composed of 30 SONY NMC 18650 cells which takes about 3.25 hrs to charge, making it one of the quickest charging scooters out there.


It comes with airless tires made with military grade tech honeycomb rubber. These tires are very likely to never need changing, this is one of the top component on this scooter.

The tire profile makes for a very comfortable ride, really easy to tackle corners and in my opinion, is superior to most scooters, without giving you the feeling of tipping over like is the case with many other scooters on the market.


With its 250 Watt engine, it packs an average acceleration and a top speed of 15mph. This scooter can truly take hills, no extreme sports or mountain climbing of course, but still, it will easily tackle most urban hilly areas with excellent ability.


The Glion Dolly uses a twist throttle style electrical break. The twisting style break is more of a symmetry thing than a practical thing, since the level of breaking is either on or off and the twisting makes no real practical sense, but it looks cool, let’s face it.


Top range is 15 miles, for someone my weight (209 lbs) it only does a max of 10 miles, but don’t think I’m upset, this is more than a great range to get out of something so fast and portable.

Additional stuff

It comes with a pedestrian bell, and has a vertical self standing feature with a super handy pull up handle like a carry on piece of luggage.

This can easily be overlooked, but having that handle to pull like a piece of luggage, will really makes an enormous difference, other scooters might fold up just as small, but trust me, carrying a 28 lbs scooter on one wheel behind you, is a balancing act and you will try it a couple of times but eventually you will feel like it’s too much hassle, or worse, you’ll run over someone’s shoes and you’ll feel too guilty to ever take it indoors, but with the way the folding works on the Glion Dolly, with the additional 2 helper wheels, it stands perfectly upright, and you’ll pull it perfectly even behind you.

There’s even a cover for it you can buy, effectively making it look like it is a piece of luggage. These small details can make the difference between “hmm I’d like to go there but it’s too far…I could take the scooter but where will I leave it…” and “hell yeah, I’ll just hop on the scooter” and this is really why you get a scooter in the first place, no scooter is better than a scooter that is never used.

All in all, the Glion Dolly is a great electric scooter for anyone, you can check them out here.