Best Kick Scooter For Adults: Micro White & Black Review

Electric scooters can easily claim the title of the perfect city commuting vehicle, however even these have their limitations.

Many times they are too heavy and large to carry inside shops, and the rain might make you want to think twice before taking it in a puddle.

On top of these reasons, the electric scooter is a bit of a pain when the battery dies out on you since the added weight and lack of power will make it almost unusable as a kick scooter, virtually making your journey twice as difficult.

These are the times when its non-electric smaller sibling might do the job better, and with the reduced size, and weight these might just be the perfect toy an adult needs.

In my personal opinion, the best kick scooter for adults is the Micro White Kick scooter.

If you’re in a hurry to grab one and live in the US, this is the link you’re looking for.

There are smaller alternatives, but this one has the larger wheel size and offers a less bent over position while riding than its smaller alternatives, and yet at the same time it is very small and light to carry in one hand virtually anywhere you go.

Micro White Kick Scooter Features


The main question on everyone’s mind is whether a kick scooter is really worth it – or whether it’s really going to speed up their commute enough to justify it.

The average walking speed is 3 miles per hour. The average scooting speed is 2 – 3 times faster than that, at about 8 miles per hour depending on use.

So for short journeys of 5 miles to 10 miles – this will almost match public transport while adding a bit of physical activity to your daily routine, with the added advantage that you need not worry about locking it outside, simply fold it and take it wherever you go, it’s almost the size of a water bottle so nobody will mind.


The weight of this scooter is one of its key selling points, at only 10.3 lbs (4.7kg) this is one of the lightest scooters out there also packing a decent-sized wheel, which others models at this weight won’t have.


Braking is achieved by pressing your heel on the back wheel.

It might take a few minutes of riding to get used to it, but it is very intuitive once you get used to it.

Hill Scooting

Climbing a hill won’t be the easiest thing on a kick scooter, so if your ride has a lot of hills, maybe a bike would be better.

A kick scooter is suitable for short mostly flat commutes, this is something to keep in mind.

However as it will make walking quicker, it will make even hills slightly quicker, and this again might be one of those cases where a kick scooter is actually a bit better than most electric scooters (which might break down after too much hill climbing putting pressure on the electrical resistance).


The smaller the wheel the more effort you’ll have to put into your ride, luckily this scooter has a 200mm wheel, which makes for a pretty quick ride without sacrificing portability much.

Wet surfaces

Wet surfaces won’t change the ride much, it might be a good idea to check the shoes though since you’ll be needing them to kick yourself into propulsion.


This is one of the smallest kick scooters you can buy, the brand name implies that to some degree.

The smaller scooters out there – like the Micro Speed Kick Scooter – are ok, but the Micro White has a slightly larger wheel (200mm vs 145mm), and trust me, this makes a big difference.

Also, the posture on the Micro White is a bit better due to the height of the handlebar reaching 103 cm vs maximum 96 cm on the Speed and these details add up every day.

However, if portability is absolutely key, Speed is a better option. 


DECK SIZE 12x33cm
OTHER Lowered profile for increased stability

Customer impressions

Most users find the build quality a nice surprise, this scooter will be a good long-term investment.

The scooter folds up very small and this makes it very appealing to use, as opposed to many other adult scooters that tend to be quite large and heavy and hence not really tempting to use often.

Also riding one of these makes many boring commutes fun, reminding people of their childhoods riding one of these.

Physical activity, fun, improving commuting times while saving money, they all seem pretty good reasons to get one, and this is precisely why I got one myself, and I do enjoy it a lot.


In my opinion, this is the overall best adult kick scooter that ticks all the boxes.

It’s small enough to carry around, you can take it into your checked-in baggage when you fly, you can take it into shops, work, etc, it has large enough wheels to make it fast, it’s light and has a kickstand.

You can check its current price on

This little guy can literally change your life because it will allow you to reach that extra healthy lunch place, or that extra cheap discount supermarket or save you the trouble of taking a bus and at the same time give you a little bit of a daily workout without the sweat of a bike.