Can I Charge My Scooter Battery With A Car Charger?

Electric Scooters are luxurious, comfortable, and efficient for running errands and making trips through traffic congestions. You need all your accessories for the maximum performance of your scooter.

In case you lose an important accessory like a charger, your electric scooter’s battery becomes endangered. Some folks use different chargers like the car charger to recharge the scooter battery.

So, can I charge my scooter battery with a car charger? The simple answer is yes and no. To expound on this, some car chargers are compatible with scooter batteries. However, the risk of using a car charger overshadows the benefits. Read below to find more on why you should or shouldn’t use a car charger to charge a scooter battery.

Risks of Using a Car Charger to Charge a Scooter

A car charger might do the work of charging your battery. However, your battery faces the following possible risks.

Risk of Overcharging the Battery

The battery of a scooter has a low amperage rating compared to a car’s battery. Most car and scooter batteries have a 12V output. However, a car battery charger is built to charge a battery that has a high amperage rating. The car charger charges the scooter battery to full charge within a short period. If you are not careful, it might overcharge and destroy your battery.

The Battery may Overheat

The rapid input of power is likely to heat your scooter’s battery. Too much heat is dangerous for the health of your battery. The car charger introduces current in higher amounts than expected. Overheating your battery is likely to cause irreversible damages to your battery.

Where Can I Charge my Scooter Battery?

These are some of the safe places to charge your scooter in case you have the right charger.

At the Office

Most folks are embracing the use of electric scooters to get to work amidst the traffic congestion. Employers are introducing charging booths for the electric scooters. You can take advantage of the charging booths to charge your battery to full charge as you are at work.

At Home

It is efficient to charge your scooter at home using the right charger. While charging at home, you are at a better position of keeping a close eye on the charging progress. Charging at home is also effective for the maintenance of your electric scooter’s security.

In Public Charging Spots

In case you do not have a charger, you may opt for the public charging spots. You shall be charged a small fee to charge your scooter’s battery to full charge. Public spots are good because you get the recommended charger. It is good because professionals at the store handle your scooter.

Steps for Safe Charging of an Electric Scooter’s Battery

The process of recharging a scooter’s battery is highlighted below.

Remove the Battery from the Scooter

You need to confirm whether your battery is removable or irremovable.

Most scooter batteries are removable. Use the appropriate tools to open the battery casing and remove it. Place it on a safe surface. Avoid placing your battery on concrete or metallic surfaces.

Plugin the Charger

Before you commence charging, you should plug in the charger into the scooter’s charging port.

Once the charger is safely plugged in, you can plug the other end of the charger into the socket.

For a removable battery, you should connect the battery terminals as directed before you plug the charger into the standard outlet.

Let the Battery Charge

At this point, you are free to let your battery commence the charging process. Let the battery charge for the recommended amount of time. You should occasionally check the progress of your charging process.

Ensure that the battery is within the recommended temperatures. The charger’s indicator light will guide you on how much longer you should the battery charge.

Reinstall your Battery

For a removable battery, you should follow the manufacturers prompts to put back your battery upon reaching full charge. For a non-removable battery, you should turn off your socket, remove the charger from the scooter, then remove the charger from the standard outlet. It is recommended that you should let your battery relax for at least an hour before you start riding.

How Can You Charge a Scooter’s Battery Without a Charger?

Below are some hacks to help you charge the battery of your scooter without a charger.

Using a Portable Car Jumper

Portable jumpers have built-in batteries big enough to jumpstart a car’s battery. Connect your scooter’s battery to the portable jumper. Power up your jumper and let your battery charge for about 20 minutes or more depending on your battery type. Once your battery is charged as you require, disconnect the jumper, put the battery back and carry on with your journey.

Charging Using A Variable Power Supply

Variable power supplies are available in most hardware stores. Adjust its output voltage to allow it to recharge your battery with a safe flow of electric current. Connect your battery to the variable power supply. Charge your battery until the current falls to about 3% of your battery’s rated Ah.

Factors to Consider While Charging a Scooter’s Battery

To keep your battery safe and healthy for long, you should consider the following factors every time you are recharging your battery.

You should use the Appropriate Charger

Your scooter should be preferably charged using the appropriate charger as recommended by the manufacturer. Using the wrong charger is likely to interfere with the health of your battery. You should repair a broken charger to avoid damaging your battery.

Do not Overcharge the Battery

Charge your battery as recommended by the developer. The charging duration of scooter batteries depends on the scooter model and battery type. Strictly follow the manual’s instructions on how to charge your battery. You should purpose not to extend the charging duration by more than one hour after the battery is full.

Ensure Temperatures Are Within A Safe Bracket

The temperature of your battery while charging is critical to its health. You should remove your battery from the charger when it heats up, and allow it to cool down a bit before proceeding. Charge the battery at least one hour after usage, start riding again an hour after the battery reaches full charge after it cools down.

A scooter is efficient in making transport simpler and cheaper. Electric scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries. The batteries are built to last for several years if handled with care.

Most people ask, can I charge my scooter battery with a car charger? The truth is that you can, but you should avoid it at all costs. In case your scooter’s charger is broken down or lost, you should consider the option of acquiring a new charger.

You can get a replacement for your charger from a trusted online shop or the shop where you bought your electric scooter.