Do You Need A Helmet To Ride An Electric Scooter?

The electric scooter is a new thing, and most people are in surprise with how such a small device can be that powerful and fast. Currently, all over the world, there is a heated debate about how dangerous electric scooters can be both the rider and the people around. Most people are debating whether an electric scooter rider must wear protective gear or not.

If you are among those asking on whether protective gear especially a helmet is necessary to a scooter rider, its probably because you have not had an injury. But in the real sense, do you need a helmet to ride an electric scooter? Well, read this article for insight.

Most people across the world, especially the old, have little information about the scooter. Scooters are being adopted and used frequently by young people.

An electric scooter is simply a small flat deck with two wheels and a vertical pole that is connected at the front part of the entire pack with a handlebar on top. Rather than using a gas-powered motor, an electric scooter is powered by a rechargeable battery.

These scooters are becoming popular among kids and any other person who can stand and ride while holding onto the handlebars. Some times back, electric scooters were used for fun. Nowadays people use them as a means of transport by students or any person commute to and from the workplace.

So, does the law require electric scooters riders wear a helmet? The rules and regulations that regulate helmet wearing when riding an electric scooter vary from one state to the other. For instance, in New York, the law does not dictate you wear a helmet when riding your electric scooter not unless it’s a kid below the age of 14.

In Washington, you are also not required to wear a helmet as well. However, under the same state, you are not allowed to operate any Personal Mobility Device at 16 years and below.

In California, it is illegal to operate an electric scooter without a well fastened and fitted helmet which meets quality standards. 

In most states, wearing helmets when riding electric scooters is poorly addressed in terms of laws.

It is left within the hands of police to decide on whether to stop you for not wearing a helmet or not. Probably this is the main reason why cases of electric scooter injuries are on the rapid rise nowadays.

Should you wear a helmet or not when riding the scooter?

Yes, you should wear a helmet any time you ride your scooter. Despite watching nice looking videos of people riding electric scooters with no helmets, you need to remember your safety is paramount.

When you’re on the road with cars, the first thing you need to check is your safety. Apart from being careful and observant, a helmet can be a life server once an accident has occurred.

Electric scooters injuries and statistics

In data that was captured and published by JAMA Network Open in 2018, California to be specifically experienced about 249 cases of electric scooters injuries in one year. At the same time, about 195 and 181 injuries of bicycles and pedestrians were reported. Out of the scooter’s injuries, 92% can be attributed to the rider themselves, and the remaining percent were people who were hit by a scooter or tripped over.

Further analysis showed that 40% of those injuries were on the head, 38% were from fractures, and 22% were soft tissue injuries. Surprisingly, 4.4% of people in the injuries had their helmet on meaning 95.6% of victims had no helmet and were more prone to injuries.

Injuries, especially those of the head resulting from an electric scooter, takes time to recover. In some cases, they become fatal and life-threatening.

Why do electric scooters not wearing helmets?

The most important reason why people ignore wearing helmets when riding an electric scooter is the fact that no laws that govern scooters. Also, scooters are not classified motorists, and one is not handy when getting on an electric scooter rental.

Unless it is something you plan before and do it as a routine, most likely, you might end up forgetting to put your helmet on. Additionally, most sellers of scooters want you to ride their scooters with helmets on, but they do not help riders to get them.

Well, this is ridiculous. Recently, the Bird, which is the largest scooter rental company, has been hosting events across different parts of the world in the fight against riding electric scooters minors a helmet. They even donate free helmets and address the of putting it everyone you want to ride your scooter.

Who are the scooter helmet sellers?

The best helmet to wear when riding is the one designed specifically for an electric scooter. Wearing a bicycle helmet is not a good option, but it can be used as a cheap alternative. If you are a frequent electric scooter rider or your scooter has a speed of 10mph, you need to invest in a helmet to stay safe.

Typically a helmet that is half-naked but certified is the best. This is because they fit well, are sturdy, can be used for a moped purpose, and you can adjust them accordingly.

If you feel uncomfortable with them, you can slide them on the side of your head or front and keep riding.

The following are the best helmets you can get from Amazon.

GLX Cruiser Scooter Half Helmet: This helmet weighs 2.1lbs. It is made of a polycarbonate shell for maximum protection ones you fall.

Vega Warrior Helmets: The helmet varies in shell design. It has an inner lining which is wicks moisture, and you can adjust to fit your head size perfectly.


If you think you look stupid with an electric scooter on, you would even look for crazy when you ride that scooter with a bare head and end up hitting the pavements at 15mph.