Do You Need Driving License For Electric Scooter?

Do you need a driving license for an electric scooter? Some states insist that all drivers should be having a driving license. Before you purchase an electric scooter for yourself or a loved one, you should understand the importance of a driving license. This article illustrates the importance of a driving license to residents of different states.

State Laws and The Need for A Driving Licence

Below is an example of laws governing the acquisition of a driving license for an electric scooter in different states.

• Florida

The state of Florida is a hub for electric scooters. The state only allows drivers above the age of 16 to make their way into the main streets. The driver should have a valid driver’s license or a learner’s permit. Insurance for an electric scooter is optional in the state of Florida.

• California

Electric scooters are popular in California, especially when the weather is friendly during the summer. The drivers of electric scooters should be 16 years and above. A valid driving license or a learner’s permit is required of every driver of an electric scooter within California.

• Chicago

The use of electric scooters in Chicago is gaining prominence and popularity. The city has set aside a specific area for riding the electric scooters. Drivers are encouraged to get driving licenses from the state department. Licensed drivers can ride an e-scooter between 5 am and 10 pm.

• Texas

The state of Texas has been lenient on the laws governing the use of electric scooters. Drivers of electric scooters are not required to have a driving license, insurance, or registration to drive an electric scooter. Drivers of electric scooters on the public roads should be 16 years and above.

• New York

The state of New York is among the few states which have banned the use of electric scooters. In the streets of New York, not even a driving license can save you. The act of driving one attracts a traffic ticket on a good day. On an unlucky day, you might end up in jail.

Type of Scooter You Are Driving and The Need for A Driving Licence

In some states, for example, New Jersey, owners of electric scooters with over 50CC should seek a motorcycle’s license. An electric scooter that has less than 50 CC requires a motorcycle license or an auto license to operate.

How to Get a Driving Licence

The key steps you follow to get a driving license for electric scooter includes:

• Preparation for the Test

The first step towards acquiring a license is taking a test. You shall take a written test. After you pass the written test, you qualify for the practical test. Prepare adequately for the test so that you may pass in your first attempt.

• Taking the Test

On the date provided, you shall be required to sit for an examination testing your qualifications. Every applicant takes the written test first before proceeding to take the practical test. If you pass both tests, you shall receive a learner’s permit which you may use as you wait for a license.

• The transition from a learner’s permit to a License

A learner’s permit allows you to drive your electric scooter into the furthest point you may think of. Unfortunately, the permit is temporary, whereas the licence is permanent. After a few weeks, you may apply to receive the official driving license.

Reasons for Issuing Driving Licence for E-Scooter Drivers

More states are getting strict on the need to acquire a driving licence due to the following reasons.

• To Control Misconduct on The Roads

The state departments in charge of transport formulate policies which aim at protecting road users. Which is the better way of knowing that motorists are all qualified to drive? The licence helps the government to control the unqualified newcomers from driving on the roads. The laws also ensure that children do not venture to drive on public roads.

• To Raise Revenue

The application for a driving licence requires an applicant to pay a small amount of money. Renewal of the licences is done after a few years. During the renewal, applicants are charged a small fee. The amount collected is used as revenue for the state department in charge.

• To Help Reduce Accidents

When more scooter drivers have driving licences, it means that motorists understand the traffic laws and the importance of staying vigilant on the road. This leads to the reduction of avoidable fatalities involving car electric scooter drivers and passengers.

Advantages of Having a Driving License

Highlighted below are some of the advantages of having a driving licence for an electric scooter.

• Staying on the Right Side of the Law

You are supposed to always abide by the laws of your state. Some states demand that you should have a driving licence for an electric scooter, you should get one. With a licence, you shall be able to drive or park your scooter within the permitted regions without fear of paying hefty traffic fines.

• Proves that you passed the Driving Test

The driving tests are simple yet very challenging to some aspiring drivers. A driving licence is tangible proof that you have completed the driving tests. Your driving licence should constantly remind you of the test that you took to get the relevant qualifications.

• Qualifies you to Drive different Locomotives

A driving licence is timeless as long as you are still alive. A holder of any licence type is allowed to operate an electric scooter. It is a good thing because your driving licence does not qualify you to drive only an electric scooter. You are empowered and allowed to drive other locomotives.

• You can Carry a Passenger

Some electric scooters have a passenger’s seat which may be put to use. With your qualification and certification, you are eligible to carry a passenger on the permitted roads. Additionally, your licence cultivates a deep sense of confidence in your passenger who feels safe by your side.

• Ride in any Jurisdiction

Some jurisdictions require that any scooter driver should have a valid driving licence. At one point, you may take a trip to a different jurisdiction. To avoid frustrations and disappointments, which may arise from the lack of a driving licence, you should get one as soon as possible.

The need to acquire a driving licence highly depends on the laws of your state. As highlighted above, a driving licence is important for drivers of all locomotives and not just driving an electric scooter. I recommend that any individual above the age of 16 should apply for a driving licence. Always adhere to the traffic laws of your state of residence.

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