How Do Electric Scooters Work

With a growing number of cities, daily commuting is becoming quite challenging for us. This is where the electric kick scooter becomes quite handy and useful for our daily commute.

Compact in size and light in weight, the electric kick scooters are safe to travel on and it helps you to reach your destination quickly, regardless of traffic conditions on the road.

Due to advancements in technology, the standard scooters are replaced by the electric-powered kick scooters and they run on rechargeable batteries, making it the eco-friendly option for daily commuting.

What Parts Make Up the Electric Kick Scooters?

Before you move ahead and understand how do electric scooters work, it is necessary that you understand all the small pieces and parts that actually make up the kick electric scooters. However, there are different models of electric scooters and each comes with different kinds of motors and add-ons.

The list of vital parts that make up the electric scooter include:

  • Motor
  • Frame
  • Battery
  • Motherboard
  • Braking System
  • Throttle 

How Do These Parts Work Together to Make Electric Kick Scooter Move?

Almost all the electric kick scooters available in the market comprise of all these parts along with some add-ons. To make your electric scooter move forward all these parts work in coordination with each other and this gives the riders with control over their scooter. 

The motherboard in the electric scooter is the management system or the brain of the electric scooter. This board conveys all the parts exactly what they need to do and how to do it.

The motherboard collects information from the installed battery in the electric scooter, throttle, motor, and brake and then evaluates the collected information and then sends them to the respective parts for further processing.

The electric scooters come with two different types of motor:

  • Chain Driven Motor – It is the type of motor that is mounted outside the wheels and the response time, sound level, power, and torque are not as optimal as the hub motor. 
  • Hub Motor – This is the type of motor that is mounted inside the rim of the scooter’s wheels. They are superior to the chain-driven motor in regards to response time, sound levels, power and torque and this makes the ride smoother and comfortable.

As you press the throttle button it tells the management system i.e. the motherboard that it is ready to move and go forward at the desired speed. The motherboard sends the signal battery and activates it as you press the throttle button.

Initially, it will move slowly until it takes place. The speed depends on the battery how much charge left in it. There is also variable throttle available and this helps you to lower or increase speed as you go forward. 

Now the motherboard opens the floodgates of the battery and checks the battery power. The energy derived from the battery is transferred to the set of wirings leading to the motor and this way the motor also gets the signal of how fast it needs to rotate for speed.

The motherboard transfers the energy to the motor and also lets the motor know exactly the momentum required for the speed as per the rider’s choice provided by pressing the throttle. The motor starts rotating and you take off for a ride. 

What are the Options of Braking in Electric Kick Scooters?

As mentioned earlier, the electric kick scooters come with a variety of braking systems. There is a footbrake where the riders need to use their heel to clamp down the rear wheel of the scooter to create the resistance between wheel and cover and this will make the scooter slower and finally stop it for moving.

The second option in the braking system is the handbrake where the riders need to use the disc brake that is mounted either at the rear wheel or the front wheel. Riders simply need to press the hand clutch which would create the pressure on disc for braking and this will slow and stop the wheels from moving.

The final option for braking is the electric brake system. This is the common type of braking system integrated with most of the models of electric kick scooters, especially in scooters with hub motors.

In this braking system, the hub motor not only increases rotation speed, but it also uses the generative braking system to increase resistance between motor and magnets inside the motor.

This increases the resistance pressure which finally stops the scooter. The added advantage is that when the electric brake system is activated in the scooter it will start the regenerative function and this will automatically recharge the battery while making the wheel move slowly and finally stop it.  

The most interesting barking system is a combination of regenerative and disc brakes. Disc brakes are integrated to be used during an emergency situation when the electric brakes stop working due to empty battery power or error or when the electric brakes for not working as intended or malfunctioning.

It is always the best idea to make use of electric brake as much as possible because it recharges your scooter’s battery and guarantees longer riding distance per charge because it converts the braking energy into battery power. 

Finally, the frame which is nothing but the platform mounted on the scooter on which you need to stand and handle the functions and maneuver the electric scooter to reach your destination. However, it is necessary that you find the most comfortable frame on which you feel convenient while riding. 


You need to understand the fact that the market is flooded with a variety of electric scooter versions and models and there are certain differences that you will find on how do electric scooters work. This general guide might help you to learn about the workings of electric scooters. You must know all the workings of the electric kick scooter before using it.