How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Scooter?

There’s nothing more irritating than when you want to go on a ride then you discover your scooter’s battery is empty. It used to happen all of the time for me personally until I began planning my rides.

If I know that I will go for a ride tomorrow, I leave my scooter on the charger overnight. In this manner, I’ve got my scooter completely charged and I will use it throughout the entire day.

Therefore, in the event that you would like to steer clear of such bothersome scenarios too, organize your rides beforehand. However, so as to organize your own time, you have to learn how much time does it take to charge an electric scooter?

Based upon the manufacturer and the version it can take up to 6-12 hours to completely charge your scooter. Charge your battery before the indication light, dash or the program signals that it is completely charged.

Is it safe to charge an e-scooter’s battery after every use?

This will depend on the battery type. Currently, in the market, there are 2 types of electric scooter batteries: NiCad batteries and Lithium-ion batteries.

NiCad battery

NiCad batteries, they’ve so-called “charge Memory”. That usually means this form of battery needs to have deep release cycles. It usually means that you will need to empty the battery fully and charge the battery fully.

Otherwise, you will hurt battery life. So, if we are speaking about how much time it has to control an electrical scooter’s battery life, we will need to spend the battery type into account too. Considering that NiCad batteries need to be totally emptied before you charge, it will surely require more time.

Lithium-ion battery

If your electrical scooter includes lithium battery, then you can charge it if you desire, with no harm to the battery life. In reality, it’s better to allow your battery to be partially discharged. Thus, it’s possible to undoubtedly control your electrical scooter after every use.

Steps to charge an electric scooter


You need to be certain you have a suitable charger. This is essential since incorrect voltage might lead to damage to your battery or it may cause short circuits. Ordinarily, the voltage Necessary for electrical scooters ranges from 24 to 36-volatege charger based upon the scooter version


Plug charger in your electric power source. You should be in a position to observe a solid green light. This implies your charger is charging.


After hammering toward the energy supply, you plug in the connector on your e-scooter. Charging vents differ from various brands and models. It’s better for you to read the guide to assess out where the charging interface is situated. Ensure that you find a strong red light. This also indicates that the battery is currently charging


When it is fully charged, the charger will indicate a green light. Now you can unplug the charger in the wall and you’re all set. It’s essential you know the essentials of electric powered automobiles.

Folks may feel it is impractical to possess one. But if you consider it carefully, then there are tons of perks you might get out of it. It’s possible to save not just the planet but also the cash from claiming a search motor.

The Dos and Don’ts of Electric Scooter charging

1. Always Go For a Full Charge

It is suggested to fully charge your electrical scooter’s battery to 100 percent. Most electrical scooter’s chargers have an LED which can turn green if it is fully charged, though others have a sign about the scooter’s screen or tiny LEDs indicating the battery degree. These generally blink when it is charging.

2. Do not charge it after a ride

The reason behind this principle is that, through a journey, the battery warms up. It’s not encouraged to control a sexy battery since it is going to get warm during charging. As a result, the battery cells indoors can get ruined.

3. Don’t ride it straight after charging

The cause of this is just like the above. During charging, the battery will become fairly hot. If you go to a ride immediately, the battery will probably heat up, and the tissues might get ruined. The battery is currently doing the very best at approximately 20 degrees Celsius or 68 Fahrenheit. The performance drops if the temperature is colder/hotter compared to that.

4. Charge it at room’s temperature

First, the best action to take would be to wait approximately 15-20 minutes following a ride prior to charging.

5. Keep your battery charged

Lithium batteries do not work well when not charged enough. My owner’s manual recommends to always maintain the battery level greater than 30-40 percent.

If you do not charge your battery once it is at 30-40%, then you might go under 15 percent after a brief ride. Holding the battery amount under 15 percent is very likely to reduce the battery’s lifetime.

Is it possible to overcharge your scooter’s battery?

No, you cannot overcharge your electrical scooter’s battery, if you don’t use a charger that is not original or too strong for your battery life. In all scenarios, I highly advise you to not charge your scooter to get a lengthier duration of time that’s necessary.

You know how much time it takes to control an electrical scooter, thus there’s absolutely not any requirement to maintain charging it once it is already charged.

6. Winter storage

I said this fact in this informative article earlier, however, I shall do it. It is suggested to completely control your electrical scooter every 2-3 months, even when you aren’t using it. Electric scooters are acceptable for 3 seasons. During winter, it is very likely you won’t utilize it just as much. Keep it at room temperature away from humidity and cold. Sad to say, the harm made by not only charging your battery for a very long time is irreversible and not covered by the guarantee.

7. Cleaning

It is always a good Idea to wash your scooter when Possible following a ride so as to stop harm to particular parts. You want to be certain the scooter has been switched off through cleaning, along with the charger isn’t plugged. Disconnect your charger and shut the rubber valve prior to beginning the cleanup process; differently, the water leakage can damage the scooter and also provoke electrical shocks. Electric shocks are harmful as they could permanently harm the scooter’s circuit and also harm you.

Can we charge electric scooter at home

Yes, obviously. We can charge the electric scooter at home without problems. There’s no special socket necessary for charging your electrical scooter. Most electrical scooters will be sent with chargers appropriate to your country’s socket.

But if you’re purchasing the scooter out of a Chinese Site, it might require an adapter. There are nations that use different electric sockets, so that is something you will need to be conscious of.

Should you journey to another nation with your electrical scooter, think about what outlets they’ve. A lot of people place their electric scooter at the automobile trunk so as to visit cities efficiently.