How Much Faster Is A Kick Scooter Than Walking?

Commuting in the city can be done by using the metro bus or walking. Buses have specific schedules that might not always work for you, and walking is not always the quickest way to get where you are going. In between these two options is the option of using a scooter. A kick scooter is actually four to five times faster than walking, so it can get you to your destination quicker.

So, is a kick scooter faster than walking? Walking involves pounding the pavement with your feet. Riding a kick scooter involves gliding down those same streets with only an occasional push from one foot. Most people prefer the scooter as it is speedier and handier than walking. A scooting speed is much faster than average walking speed, in fact, about five times faster than if you are walking at an average pace. On average, a person walks about two miles per hour, but on a kick scooter, they can travel about ten miles per hour.

If you are able to use the scooter with an average level of energy, you will gain about eight miles per hour on a scooter.

There are other advantages to using a kick scooter.

Advantages of Using a Kick Scooter for Faster Commute

Many may feel a kick scooter is just for kids. The truth is, these simple machines do not have an age limit, and do have a lot of advantages.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Kick scooters are compact and can be easily ridden in compact areas.
  • When you are not using the scooter, you can fold or park them anywhere.
  • Scooters are also very portable.
  • Riding a kick scooter keeps you from having to waste time in traffic.

A kick scooter prevents you from having to deal with a lot of road stereotypes. You can start and stop your traveling without any fuss, such as having to try and find adequate parking. Kick scooters are also a very affordable method of transportation as they do not require fuel or electricity to power, just your kicking power.

There is a large variety of scooters on the market. If you pick a good one, you can dress up for work, and arrive on time.

Can You Travel Far on a Kick Scooter?

The distance you can travel on a kick scooter will largely depend on your energy level. The kick scooter will not hold you back; your endurance levels will be the only thing keeping you limited.

On average, a kick scooter is used for a distance of two kilometers. The more you use the scooter, and build up your endurance, you may work up to four or five kilometers.

Which is Better- A Kick Scooter or a Bike?

A lot of travelers debate which is a better way to travel- a kick scooter or a bike? The kick scooter works best for shorter distances, like a distance you would typically walk.

Bikes are better for longer distances. There are different purposes for these two modes of travel, and the kick scooter is designed more for reducing the amount of time a person spends walking to their destinations.

Is a Kick Scooter Good Exercise?

A kick scooter could replace some of the time you spend at the gym. This machine not only gets you where you need or want to be, but it also gives you a workout with benefits on many levels.

Adults using a scooter on their daily commute achieve enough regular exercise to ensure they stay active and healthy. Staying fit through your local gym can add up in costs.

If you combine your exercise with your daily commute, you could be saving time and money. If you add the cost of paying the bus fare, you save even more.

The idea of using kick scooters is taking off, which means there are more and more scooters hitting the market. People of all ages can use these machines, and it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are.

Some models of kick scooters can support the weight of an 800-pound person. If you are looking for a healthy activity for the whole family, the kick scooter is your answer. On a family outing using kick scooters, you not only get excellent family time together, but you all also get great exercise doing it.

It’s challenging to find a fun way to burn calories, but with a scooter, you are creating a great way to exercise, getting the kids away for all the modern-day gadgets, and getting quality family time.

Are There Laws Regarding Kick Scooter Use?

Currently, there are no laws regarding the use of a kick scooter on the pavement. Some manufacturers have looked into different regulations that may be implemented on them and found there are none. At this time, there is no legal precedence regarding the use of kick scooters.

Scooting is becoming a promising alternative to walking or biking for shorter distances, such as going to work or to school. It is a much faster commute than walking and provides a mini-workout at the same time without making you get all sweaty.

Generally, the sidewalk is a much more accessible area to get down than attempting to get out into traffic, and you are always in control of your speed by controlling the scooter with your foot.

Is Using a Scooter Difficult?

People all have a dominant side, and using a scooter generally means you will use your dominant leg. It is a good idea to continue using the same leg when you commute on the scooter as some experts claim changing legs could cause you damage.

There are many sports where a person consistently uses their dominant side, and using a scooter is no different.

The most significant risk of injury you would incur with a scooter is beginning to use one for long commutes right away. You should allow your body to adjust to the new exercise, so you don’t overload your muscles and joints.