How To Increase The Speed Of An Electric Scooter

The popularity of electric scooters is increasing now and then as they have become a preferred choice among people across the globe. Electric scooters are easy to use and they require little maintenance in contrast to other means of transport. They are easy to maintain, light-weight and enjoyable.

Speed is one of the factors that tend to worry most of the scooters fanatic. Most people are not well-informed about the top speed of an electric scooter.

Scooters are vehicles that are very easy to drive and they are more accessible, their maximum average speed is relatively low as it ranges from 15-30mph.

This is not a big problem for most people since it’s faster than walking by foot and its speed is almost the same as that of the bicycle. The advantages of electric scooter exceed the disadvantages. Speed is a crucial factor but we should not overlook its advantages.

In this article, we are going to look at whether the speed of an electric scooter can be upgraded and how it is done.

Maximum speed for an electric scooter

Before we get into details about the maximum and the average speeds, it is essential to mention a few facts.

The main reason why electric scooters were developed was not to be fast but to provide a cost-effective means of transport equivalent to bicycle or skateboard than a motorcycle or a car. They are well suited in crowded areas where speed is not a concern. People are looking for ways to enhance the top speed of the electric scooter.

The speed for the scooter is based on the model as well as the manufacturer. Some brands are meant for a particular audience and every model is directed towards a specific niche. This is the reason why there are scooters with better speeds, comfort, and safety among other features.

Ways on how to increase the speed of an Electric Scooter

Some people are not comfortable with respectable speeds and that why they are looking for ways to make their electric scooters to go faster.

Some people are used to driving at higher speeds and others don’t have sufficient time to reach their destinations and that is why they need a quick means of transport.

The users of the electric scooters across the globe deserve to get the best out of their vehicles and that why there’re mechanisms of increasing the speed. Let’s look at the ways to increase the speed of the electric scooter:

1. Removing the speed limiter

The electric scooters are designed to be faster than they actually are. There are states which put restrictions on speed limits of the scooters and this is the reason why manufacturers add speed limiters.

The procedure of removing the speed limiter depends mainly on the model of the scooter. Removing the speed limiter has its own disadvantages as it tends to drain the battery faster.

2. Increasing Battery Power

The efficiency of any electric mechanism is determined by the amount of power going through it. An increase in the amount of voltage running through your scooter will enhance the working of its motor.

This can be done by just replacing your battery. You can replace your current power source with a more powerful one and this will increase the speed of the scooter.

When doing this you need to be very careful so that you don’t end up breaking the scooter.

3. Adding another battery

The inclusion of another battery is also another strategy of adding more power.

The addition of another battery will not boost the speed but will help you to maintain the maximum speed for a long period of time. Getting rid of the speed limiter will definitely make the scooter faster.

4. Rewinding the motor

This is also another great option, but it is preserved for pros because failure to do it correctly may seriously damage the scooter.

This option is all about rewinding the motor coils so as to minimize the number of windings for each coil.

This enables the motor to make turns at higher revolutions per minute (RPM).

5. Changing Sprockets

There are other people who prefer to change out their sprockets to provide the scooter with more power.

Changing out the front sprockets can give the scooter an additional speed as long as the front becomes too larger and the rear sprocket becomes too smaller.

Sprockets are less costly, readily available and their installation and uninstallation process is very simple.

6. Riding the electric scooter off-road

Riding the electric scooter off-road may look like it’s fun, but it is not practicable with the average model.

If you’re a pro, then you can change your scooter to make it effective for some off-road riding but be informed that such modifications are very expensive.

You will require to buy a motor, controller, battery among others. Nevertheless, the final result is very exemplary.

7. Change your tires to airless ones

Airless tires reduce the friction with the ground and this helps scooter to realize improved speeds. Airless tires are capable of enhancing autonomy and this will make it possible to ride for long distances.

The electric scooters are mainly designed to be used in urban areas and they are made for short distances or highway riding.

Even though the 20MPH speed seems slow, if you are using the scooter to travel across the town you don’t have to worry because you can increase its speed to make it faster.

Besides being slow the electric scooters offer many benefits such as low maintenance and driving costs and they don’t produce noise when running and they are also environmental friendly.

Altering the speed can strike another debate as to whether electric scooters are legal. Most countries allow the use of electric scooters but they have limitations when it comes to speeds.

All the electric scooters whose maximum speeds exceed twenty miles per hour have to be registered and can only be driven by a driver who is licensed. Prior to making any modifications ensure you have read your state regulations regarding the electric scooters.