How To Lock A Kick Scooter. Keep It Secure and Safe

Kick scooters range from cheap toys to expensive pieces of engineering. And they are all at risk of being stolen. The next question for many is how to lock a kick scooter.

How do you lock and secure a kick scooter so it can’t be stolen? How do you secure it to a bike rack or other item to prevent its theft?  First, look for something solid and fixed to lock the scooter to. This could be a railing, bike rack or lamp post. Once you find it, secure the scooter to it using a lock cable. You can run the lock cable through the front wheel spokes of the scooter and secure it to the stationary item. While these locks rarely come with the scooter, you can buy one and use it with the scooter. 

Some kick scooters are designed with holes in the frame so you can secure it with a bike lock. In these cases, you’d simply use a bike lock to secure the kick scooter. And you could secure the scooter to a bike rack. 

Why Are Cable Locks the Best Choice for Securing a Scooter? 

Cable locks like those used in most bike locks are cheap. They’re also easy to use. You can thread them through any wheel spokes and attach them.

They’re lightweight, so they’ll fit in your child’s backpack or your pocket while you’re riding around as well as when you go inside.

They’re portable and reliable. They won’t break like a rope, and they’re intentionally made to be hard to cut off. 

There is another reason to go with cable locks.

They’re versatile. If your child outgrows the scooter or doesn’t care about securing it, you can use the cable lock to secure bicycles, strollers, grills, skateboards and generators.

You can reuse the lock even if you don’t have the scooter anymore. 

However, cables could be cut away by a dedicated thief with the right tools, and that’s why we’ll share additional tips for protecting your scooter from theft.

Yet you could save yourself a lot of trouble by choosing locks that are difficult for someone to quickly snip with wire cutters. For example, choose scooter / bike locks that have plastic material that wraps around the braided wire.

That prevents the wire from rusting and makes it a little more difficult to get a cutter around the wiring. 

What Else Can I Do to Secure a Kick Scooter? 

You can take the scooter’s security to the next level by putting a cable lock around the handlebars or central support.

If the handle bars are also locked to the bike rack, thieves will have a hard time getting it off. And they’ll generally go for an easier target. 

If you have an electric scooter, you could also take the battery out so that no one else can ride it. This would also allow you to charge it while sitting at your desk at work.

However, not all scooters allow you to remove the battery. And if it is a hybrid scooter, someone could still scoot off with the scooter by kicking it, if it isn’t secured in another way. 

There are additional locks you could put on the scooter to prevent it from rolling away if the cable lock is cut or you forgot to install it. A disc lock could be put on the wheels to hold it in place, though this is difficult to get.

It is similar to the wheel locks that police put on your car to prevent you from driving it, but it is much smaller. However, you can use pin-style disc locks or shackle style locks.

You could even put a combination lock in the wheel. Now it won’t roll anywhere unless you remove the lock. 

There is some debate as to whether or not having a brightly colored lock is worth it. It makes it obvious you’re protecting the scooter from theft, but these locks may or may not be effective as locks. Research products on a case by case basis. 

What If You Have a Foldable Scooter? 

If you have a foldable scooter, you could fold up the scooter and stow it in a bag. The next step to securing it is to put a luggage lock on it so that the bag can’t be opened.

However, that doesn’t prevent the bag itself from being stolen. You can secure a bag to post with a lock, or you could store it in a locker with a combination lock. 

How Can You Minimize the Odds that the Scooter Is Stolen? 

Don’t lock your scooter in the same place every time. Thieves will notice patterns and target you when you’re off the scooter but haven’t secured it yet. Try to secure the scooter somewhere with other bikes and vehicles. Thieves will go for the easiest target. 

Always lock the scooter. Lock it when you’ve stowed it in the bed of a truck if you won’t put it in the tool bin and lock that.

Lock the scooter when it is sitting on your vehicle trailer. This has the side benefit of preventing it from falling off the trailer when you’re in transit. 

If you have a combination lock on the cable lock, don’t use the default password that comes with the lock. Others who have figured out that pass code will be able to pop off your lock. Don’t use the same combination you use with other locks, either.

After all, someone who figures out your password or pass code somewhere else would then be able to take the lock off the scooter. 

Why Would I Want to Lock My Scooter If I’m Not Afraid of It Being Stolen? 

Suppose you aren’t concerned about the scooter being stolen. There may still be reasons you want to lock the scooter. One is to prevent your child from riding it before they’ve done homework and chores.

Another is to prevent other children from taking the scooter without permission.

They may only be going for a fun ride, but it is upsetting for your kids to find their favorite toy gone. And others are much more likely to damage the scooter playing with it than your children are.