Is Riding A Kick Scooter Good Exercise?

An active lifestyle keeps a person in good health. The action of what we do makes a significant difference in the benefits, and a lot of times, we find ourselves too busy to get to the outdoors, park, or gym and then miss out on regular exercise routines. There are no shortcuts to great exercise, but having a kick scooter to use as a means of commute, you also get beneficial exercise.

Riding a kick scooter consistently will provide you significant health benefits as it is an excellent form of exercise. A regular routine of using a kick scooter will have you burning off fat and calories. The kick scooter is more beneficial to your health than the motorized version as the motorized model does not provide any form of exercise.

It looks pretty cool to ride this version, but it is more a transportation bonus than a health one.

The motorized scooter allows you to get away from an in-door routine, but the kick scooter makes your bodywork, especially in your lower body muscles. In addition to working the lower body muscles, you also work your thighs, back muscles, knees, and calves.

So, riding a kick scooter for exercise is an excellent idea.

Reasons To Choose a Kick Scooter For Exercise

These are some of the reasons why choosing a kick scooter for exercise benefits is a good idea:

Riding on a Fasted Session

When you ride a kick scooter on an empty stomach (fasted session), you will lose more weight. Studies have been done, which found if you can do a continuous session of approximately thirty minutes kick scooting before you eat breakfast, you can lose more weight than any other time of the day. So, each morning, you should get out on your scooter for about a half-hour, come in for a healthy breakfast, and you are ready to start your day.

Fun, Safe, and Easy

Kick scooting is fun, as well as easy and safe. Workouts produce a lot of injuries, and these are frequently serious, causing you to stop or change how you exercise regularly. Many times after someone has suffered an injury while performing a workout; they tend to not return to the activity or take a long time to return. Once you do go back after an injury, you are always worrying about re-injury or possible new injuries.

You do not have this worry with a kick scooter. There is no form of stress involved, and the risk of injury is extremely minimal. Unless you are reckless or don’t follow road rules, your kick scooter experience should be pleasant and beneficial.

Inclined Rides Provide more Benefits

Just as a treadmill can be placed on an incline or slope to increase workout benefits, a scooter can be used to ride up a slope to achieve extreme benefits. You will have to use caution when going down a slope on a kick scooter. Kick scooters do not offer the same stability as a bike or 4-wheel rider, or control. This is true, especially when you go down a slope at high speeds.

No Need to Recover

Experts on workout sessions state a person needs to allow their muscles to relax after an intense workout. You should perform low-intensity work after your workout to get your muscles back to where it is safe. Having to add a low-intensity exercise at the end of a session means you have to allow more time.

Kick scooting is a low-intensity work out all by itself. You do not have to do any relax techniques after your ride. You save time on your scooter and still get all the same great benefits of having exercised.

Burn Fat

Kick scooting is a low-intensity exercise, so your heart rate is not exposed to heavy fatigue. Your heart rate should stay between 60 to 70 percent of its maximum range. Experts report at this rate our bodies begin to eat up fat for fuel. Grabbing your kick scooter and going for a ride each day will provide you substantial health benefits.

More Beneficial than Cycling or Jogging

Kick scooting is becoming a new phenomenon for staying fit. Experts report it is more beneficial to the human body than cycling or jogging. As you ride a scooter, most of your muscle groups are working, including your thighs, calves, buttocks, and belly, and they claim it is an excellent way to lose weight.

Using a kick scooter saves your joints, as there are no jolts to impact them. Jogging can have adverse effects on your back and joints from the constant shocks you experience.

When you cycle, you are only using the lower portion of your body, and the upper part can become stiff and create back issues. Kick scooting is a lot more effective to more parts of your body.

The kick scooter will use your belly muscles, your back as well as strengthens and stretches your lower body muscles. You are also spared from getting pressure sores from sitting on a hard seat.

Principles of Kick Scooter Exercise Benefits

Riding a kick scooter requires alternation of loose and tense muscles. Your muscles are stretched as your body leans forward, and you apply pressure to the stepping leg.

The second phase involves straightening your body position where your belly and back muscles are relaxed. When you use a kick scooter regularly, and as a means of exercise, you should alternate your legs, so you do not overload one side of your body.

Burning Calories and Losing Fat

A kick scooter is an effective tool in fighting off excess weight. In a one-minute scooter ride at about eighteen miles per hour, you can burn 0.76 per kilogram of weight.

Cycling at this speed would only burn about 0.46 per kilogram. In terms of using energy, a kick scooter equals a brisk run or fast swim. You can also burn one fourth more units of energy riding a kick scooter than performing judo training, Zumba dancing or aerobics.

There is no reason not to start using a kick scooter. They are fun, make commutes easier, and now you know how much they will benefit your health.