How Fast Can You Go On A Kick Scooter?

Kick scooters are best used for trips that are short in distance. These incredible little machines allow you to move easily through crowded places and work great if you have an emergency and need to get somewhere quick.

Another benefit of using a kick scooter is how safe they are with an added bonus of being very handy to use. After using the kick scooter, you just have to fold it and carry it where ever you need to go.

These machines save you time, money, and even your labor. A kick scooter is a very efficient mode of transportation.

But for some people, speed is a big factor when they have to get somewhere and wonder how fast they can go on a kick scooter.

Different Kick Scooter Brands Mean Different Speeds

Kick scooters are different than motor powered vehicles as they do not have features that allow you to achieve high speeds as compared to bicycles or motorized scooters.

Some of the top-brand kick scooters are constructed with top-notch materials, reliable and sturdy engineering, and are able to offer you more speeds than the cheaper models.

These top-brand scooters also give you better-cruising speeds. So, if speed is a concern when choosing your kick scooter, you should pick yours according to speed preference.

Scooter Speeds Depend on Your Abilities

There are several factors to consider when checking how fast a kick scooter can move. The first factor is how comfortable you are using the scooter.

Your first time on one of these machines will most likely be a slow commute as you work on building your skills. It will take a few rides before you develop your technique and increase how fast you can move.

Another factor is age. Speed is not easy to achieve for both the young riders or the older riders. Both of these age groups may need to take more or longer breaks during their riding sessions. The weight also plays a significant role in the scooter speed as a heavier rider will go at slower speeds.

One of the factors that will decide how fast you can go on your kick scooter depends on how fit and healthy you are.

This chart estimates kick scooter speeds based on a person’s capability:

  • 0-5 kilometers an hour are for people who prefer to scooter through busy locations
  • 5-15 kilometers an hour are if you can easily ride on flat surfaces, but have some hills during your rides
  • 15-20 kilometers an hour will provide a good speed and great cruising
  • 20-30 kilometers an hour are for those looking to use the scooter as a sport exercise
  • 30-40 kilometers an hour is for those who have fast sprinting techniques
  • 40-120 kilometers an hour is a downhill speed and requires the usage of brakes and excellent control

Surface Types Affect Scooter Speeds

Where you ride your kick scooter will affect how fast you can move. How fast a scooter will ride on a rough road surface will not give you the same speed as a smooth road.

Your scooter speeds are going to be much more fluid and faster on a polished path than you can gain on an uneven path. A smooth road will also cause less tiredness or other negative symptoms.

Techniques to Make a Kick Scooter Go Faster

There are techniques you can use to make your kick scooter move faster. When you use the scooter regularly, adopt proper kicking techniques such as lifting your knee in front or switching your legs more often, it can help you improve your speed.

These are some tips to use as interval training to help you increase your scooting speeds:

  • Perform 10×2 kilometers at an average speed with a speed of 30 kilometers an hour and implement a 2-minute rest. This training method is suggested for those considered healthy.
  • 40-70 kilometers at an average speed of about 20 kilometers an hour for longer rides

Allow yourself recovery days in between these training sessions to maintain your health.

Other Factors that Make Kick Scooter Faster

When you use a kick scooter to commute back and forth to work, school, the market, or any other location, you will reach your destination much faster than if you walk.

You can also get to many other locations faster on a scooter than if you use a car as you don’t have to wait for traffic to move. If you typically ride a metro bus, a scooter is faster as you don’t have to sit through numerous stops for other passengers to get on and off.

On average, a person can travel on a kick scooter at around two kilometers an hour without becoming tired. This number can change depending on the health and fitness of the rider.

Once you’ve learned to ride a scooter and have built up your endurance, you will be able to achieve an average of four to five kilometers an hour with small breaks. You will have reached pro levels at these speeds.

How Kick Scooters are Faster than Walking

Using a kick scooter is approximately five times faster than walking. A trip that will take you twenty minutes to walk will take you less than ten minutes to complete on a scooter.

An average person walks at about two miles per hour, and an average scooter rider can ride about ten miles per hour. You gain about eight miles per hour faster speed by using a kick scooter for your commute.

Are Kick Scooters Faster than Biking

There is a lot of debate between people using a kick scooter over a bicycle. The kick scooter is great for short distances such as those regularly walked, while bikes are used more for covering longer distances.

These two modes of transportation are used for different purposes, so comparing their speeds is invalid as they are not expected to compete. The kick scooter and bicycle excel in different situations.

Kick scooters are safe but still require responsible riding habits. If you are looking to use your scooter for speed, you need to maintain control and ensure you do not cause minor or major accidents while going faster.