Can You Take An Electric Scooter On A Bus?

Electric scooters are proving to be one of the most convenient methods of transportation when you travel short distances to school, work, or need to run errands in the city. These machines are incredibly portable, and faster than ever to get you where you need to go for short distances.

When you have to rely on public transportation, you rarely get dropped off right at your destination. Those traveling this way often refer to the distance from the bus or train station to their final destination as the ‘last mile problem.’

This last stretch is where you want an electric scooter to use to get you where you need to be quickly and easily. But can you take an electric scooter on the bus to use for this last stretch?

Taking an Electric Scooter on the Bus

The bus will drop you off close to where you want to be, and surely closes the distance you would otherwise have to walk or use other transportation to cover. But you are most likely still a reasonable distance to your final destination, then you want to finish on foot.

A bicycle is one option for completing your commute, but even foldable bikes are bulky and take up a lot of room. The bus you have to ride may not have space to accommodate you and a bike.

The answer you need to finish your commute each day is to purchase a folding electric scooter to take with you on the bus.

The battery life on most foldable electric scooters will allow you to travel approximately eleven miles, which should be plenty of distance to get you from the metro station to just about any destination. These machines are fast, light, easy to ride, and will get you through that ‘last mile’ in style.

Some of the rules for bringing your electric scooter on to a bus include:

  • There are size restrictions from the different bus companies, and you should check with the bus system you ride to learn what their specific size requirements are before trying to bring your electric scooter on to the bus
  • While you are riding the bus, the scooter must remain folded
  • You are to turn the scooter off while riding the bus
  • If your scooter’s wheels are dirty, they must be covered, so they do not soil the clothes of other passengers or yourself
  • While at the station or interchange areas, you must carry the scooter, you cannot ride the machine right to the door of the bus
  • The electric scooter cannot block exits, the aisle, or any other commuters

You will find the electric scooter the most convenient way to get to work, school, sightseeing through the city, or any other number of reasons to get from one destination to another. These are some of the features you are going to love about these machines.

The Electric Scooter is Not a Toy

Motor technology and newer, improved batteries have made the electric scooter a preferred mode of travel. These machines are not a toy intended only for the enjoyment of the young.

They are a reliable and useful mode of transportation for any age. While a lot of major cities have made these fantastic machines available for rent, you will find a lot of benefits to owning your own.

By using lithium-ion batteries, the electric system of the scooter is attached to wheels that will get you where you want to be quickly, safely, and you’ll enjoy the ride as well.

With the electric scooter, you don’t have to kick or pedal, you just jump on and enjoy your ride.

When you purchase the folding scooter, you simply ride up to the station, fold the scooter, and board your bus or train. Once at your stop, unfold, and continue your ride the rest of the way.

These machines are not only convenient to ride, but they are also easy to carry with you where ever you will ride to use them.

How to Carry Your Electric Scooter on the Bus, Train, or Plane

Once you’ve started using an electric scooter for your commute, you are going to want to take it everywhere. There are great products on the market that allow you to carry your scooter easier and make storage more convenient.

One method which works well to carry your scooter and ensure the wheels do not soil your clothes is the transport bag. Your foldable electric scooter will fit right into the transport bag and make it easier to get on and off the bus.

Another alternative is a sturdy nylon strap that you attach to both ends of the scooter and are then able to strap over your shoulder for more comfortable carrying.

These straps are designed to be flexible and offer maximum comfort to carry the electric scooter as the strap evenly distributes the weight of the machine. You will want to make sure the deck and wheels are clean before using this method, so you do not soil other passengers clothes or your own.

One method of carrying your electric scooter is to attach a handle strap like this. These straps attach to the stem of your scooter and come in a variety of colors and designs.

You can fasten these to your scooter by buckling them or strapping them on. The handle straps are small and provide a comfortable feeling when you use them.

They give you a stable hold of your electric scooter and can be left attached, making them easy to grab and go. The handle strap is probably your easiest carrying method if you are using your electric scooter on public transit, such as the bus.

The handle strap is universal, so it will fit any model of electric scooter and is constructed from rugged, durable material.

This strap attaches to the part of your scooter that connects the steering handle to the deck and wheel, often referred to as the ‘stem’.

The electric scooter can go just about anywhere you go. It will ride on a bus, train, plane, and you can even put it into the trunk of your car if you are planning a road trip.

With its foldable joints to allow the handlebars to fold down, you have a portable, easy, and fun to ride method of transportation by your side where ever you travel.