What Speed Do Electric Scooters Go?

Electric scooters are quite prominent among the young and the old alike. However, there is a concern about how fast the electric scooters can go. Before you gift yourself or a loved one with an electric scooter, you should understand more about the speed that electric scooters go.

The speed depends on several factors which may include the type of your electric scooter. The jurisdiction in which you are driving your electric scooter may also affect the speed at which you ride.

What Speed Do Electric Scooters for Kids Go?

Electric scooters for children are designed to keep your child safe on the outdoor rides. The scooters are built for recreational purposes. Targeted drivers are mostly below the age of sixteen.

The scooters go at a speed of between 15-18mph. At below 20mph, the speed is fast enough to deliver a thrilling scooter ride experience while minimizing the incidences of fatal scooter accidents.

The scooters for children are best for use in the residential areas, local parks, residential sidewalks. Drivers should wear protective gear always to stay safe.

What Speed do Neighbourhood Electric Scooters Go?

Neighbourhood electric scooters are a lit bit faster than the scooters for children. The scooters are designed for drivers above the age of 16. Young adults driving this family of electric scooters can go up to maximum speeds of between 15-30mph.

Most allow the usage of neighbourhood electric scooters within residential areas, recreational parks, and streets that allow a maximum speed of 35mph.

The driver should wear the protective gear at all times. Since the drivers are above the age of sixteen, they should adhere to the laws of the state on licensing and traffic.

What Speed do Full-Sized Electric Scooters Go?

The Full-sized electric scooters require higher levels of expertise to handle on the road. Full-sized electric scooters are designed for drivers above the age of 16.

Manufacturers build the full-sized electric scooters to meet the safety standards laid out for the motorcycles. Some of the full-sized electric scooters for adults go at speeds of between 55-60mph.

They are designed to and allowed to operate on the main streets like the motorcycles. In most states, riders require a driving license or a learner’s permit to run errands on an adult scooter.

Factors Affecting How Fast an Electric Scooter Goes

These factors may affect how fast you get to your destination.

1. Battery Charge

The quality of your battery affects the speed of your electric scooter. At high battery charge, the scooter is faster.

The ability to maintain top speed decline as power drains in the battery. Charge your battery before you go on a ride. Ensure that you keep your battery safe and healthy always.

2. Weight

The weight of the driver affects how fast an electric scooter goes. When you introduce more weight, you shall experience slow speeds. Do not bring backpacks, heavy clothing while taking a ride on an e-scooter.

To extend battery life for higher speeds, travel light on the electric scooter.

3. Tire Pressure

Spongy tires deliver better traction and a smoother ride on flat surfaces.

However, it decreases your achievable top speed. To get higher speeds on your ride, you need to inflate the recommended tire pressure. With the right pressure, you get to extend battery life.

4. Terrain

Electric scooters perform best in slopes and flat landscapes. Steep landscapes provide a strain on the engine of your electric scooter.

To reduce casualties on the grounds that are too steep, you can walk up-hill and down-hill instead of riding an e-scooter up and down the dangerous path.

5. Quality

Speed of electric scooters depend on the model. The Nanrobot LS7 electric scooter has maximum speeds of 52mph.

The quality and life of your battery also affects how fast an electric scooter goes. You can choose to upgrade your e-scooter to get the speeds you desire.

How to Increase the Speed of an Electric Scooter

Below are some hacks you may use to adjust the top speed of your electric scooter.

1. Limit the Weight that you Carry

Extra weight might slow down your electric scooter. You should get rid of unnecessary backpacks and heavy clothing that might slow down your ride.

Always wear the recommended protective gear for an electric scooter’s driver to stay safe.

2. Upgrade your E-Scooter

You can swap the 24-volt battery with a 36-volt battery. With the increased power and charge, you shall get faster speeds for longer distances.

You may opt for the airless tires for higher speeds. Unfortunately, upgrading your scooter might limit your eligibility for a warranty.

3. Unlock your E-Scooter

What speed do electric scooters go? On YouTube, you shall find responses of how to unlock your e-scooter.

The unlocking can be done via a phone application or the scooter’s control panel. You can adjust the speeds to reach the maximum potential of your scooter.

4. Extend Your Scooter’s Battery Life

Always charge your battery before you disembark on a recreation trip or running an errand on an electric scooter.

It is important that you improve battery life by maintaining the right amount of tire pressure and weight on your trip to drive at high speeds for long distances.

How Can You Stay Safe on An Electric Scooter?

Accidents involving electric scooters are fatal. This is how you can stay safe on your trips.

1. Wear Protective Gear

While driving an electric scooter, you should wear at least a jacket and a helmet for protection. Always stay cautious in all the rides you take on an electric scooter.

2. Minimize Riding at High Speeds

Unless you are a speed freak, you should go easy on the accelerator.

Since you enjoy the e-scooter rides, stay cautious on the road to live long enough to go for more rides.

What speed do electric scooters go? Electric scooters for kids go at 15 mph while e-scooters for adults make up to 55 mph. you should avoid going at very high speeds to reduce your chances of getting involved in a fatal accident. Abide by the traffic laws applicable to your state.